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Dt. Asheena Audit - Consulting Dietitian - Mauritius

Q1. How did you begin your journey in the Health & Wellness Industry? Or Who/What inspired you to start this business/ entrepreneurshi...

Q1. How did you begin your journey in the Health & Wellness Industry? Or Who/What inspired you to start this business/ entrepreneurship?
I was always passionate about nutrition and pursued a degree in Dietetics and Nutrition in India. After completing my studies, I was determined to share my expertise and help improve public health since there is a high prevalence of noncommunicable diseases in Mauritius and I started offering freelance counselling services.
Q2. Kindly share about your Business/profession, products and services.
I offer individualised counselling services for therapeutic diets. I also provide nutrition consultancy services for residential homes for old persons where I review meal plans. I facilitate nutrition awareness talks in schools. Through publications, I have been offering people evidence-based information to help them make the right food choices.
Q3. How do your products/services stand out differently from others available in the market?
My counselling services are based on a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. Being healthy is not just eating nourishing foods, it is also about having a positive attitude towards your health and practicing mindful eating. I work in collaboration with different health professionals, I believe in lifestyle changes which are sustainable and empowering people to achieve their health goals.
Q4. Kindly share about few of your key products/services that are contributing to the Health and Wellness Industry?
I am specialised in the dietary management of diabetes in particular Type 1 diabetes. I regularly conduct workshops on carbohydrate counting and healthy cooking workshops for diabetics.
Q5. What type of challenges did you face while starting/doing business?
Marketing my services was most challenging while starting my nutrition consultancy services. Also medical services being offered for free by the government in Mauritius, many people do not prioritise the prevention of diseases through a healthy lifestyle.
Q6. Kindly share about your discovery period when you were facing challenges in your business?
When facing challenges, I realised I needed to focus on my strengths and work on my shortcomings. I went for shadowing opportunities with dietetics professionals and volunteered in non-profit organisations.

Q7. Kindly share few of your experiments you did based on your discovery to overcome those challenges?
I joined a social club to expand my professional network. I was involved in health campaigns where I have been volunteering and counselling people to help raise awareness on importance of nutrition management of diseases. I conduct regular talks to sensitise people on the benefits of adopting sustainable lifestyle changes.

Q8. What would be your future contributions to the Health & Wellness Industry that would eventually make a difference to the humankind?
Being a member of an international social service organisation, I am working on community projects to help people who do not have access to nutrition information improve their health literacy. My aim is to contribute towards decreasing the high prevalence of diabetes in Mauritius thus contributing to a healthier nation.
Q9. What changes do you anticipate in the Health & Wellness Industry in the next five years?
People are becoming more health conscious. Increasing number of people will be using healthcare mobile applications and fitness trackers. People will be opting for more wellness products to improve their health. Healthcare professionals will offer more telehealth services.
Q10. What would be your advice/suggestion to new Wellness professionals who want to start and sustain in the business?
There are a lot of opportunities in the wellness sector, if your passion is helping live their healthiest and happiest lives, a career in the wellness industry is fulfilling.
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Interviewed by : Dr.Prachi Ambolkar - Consulting Clinical Dietitian from Navi Mumbai, India.

Referred by Adv. Arun Kutowaroo - Advocate from Mauritius 🇲🇺

Dr.Prachi is a student of Yogesh M.A.'s InfluencerThon - Digital Influencers Academy.

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