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Dr. Kruti Trivedi Abhyankar - Consulting Homoeopath, Emotional Intelligence coach, Digital De-tox coach & Founder of Akruti Healthcare from Thane, Maharashtra, India

Q1. How did you begin your journey in the Health & Wellness Industry? Or Who/What inspired you to start this business/ entrepreneurship?...

Q1. How did you begin your journey in the Health & Wellness Industry? Or Who/What inspired you to start this business/ entrepreneurship?

I have been practising as a Consultant Homoeopath for 10 years. While treating patients, I realized the need for a holistic care platform where patients can get one stop solution for various modalities of holistic treatment. That's when I thought of ‘Akruti Healthcare’.

Q2. Kindly share about your Business/profession, products and services.

'Akruti Healthcare’ is a Digital Holistic Care Polyclinic where a Digital space is shared by different experts so that people have one stop access to all kinds of Holistic care at their fingertips. In this fast paced world, where we need quick solutions for everything, a Digital Holistic Healthcare can be your aid in reaching your Health goals. At ‘Akruti’, we treat the person in disease and the cure happens within outwardly.

At Akruti, we provide a complete seven dimensional care for your Wellness through different modalities like –
·         Homoeopathy
·         Nutrition
·         Weight Management
·         Lactation consultation
·         Counselling
·         Emotional intelligence coaching for children and parents
·         Digital De-tox
·         Psychological testing
·         Yoga for adults and children
·         Life Coaching
·         Reiki
·         Aura cleansing and Chakra balancing
·         Violet flame healing
·         Radikall healing
·         Pranik Healing

Q3. How do your products/services stand out differently from others available in the market?

·      Experienced Doctors and Professionals: All our Doctors and Professionals are qualified experts in their respective fields with years of experience.

·      A Truly Digital Holistic Healthcare: You can get in touch, book your appointments, consult and pay digitally without any hassles. All our Doctors and Therapists provide digital consultation with live chat support on our website.

·      Holistic Care Customized only for YOU: We treat everyone in a unique way based on their individuality. In this world of customization for everything, Akruti Healthcare provides you customized Holistic Care. JUST FOR YOU!

Q4. Kindly share about a few of your key products/services that are contributing to the Health and Wellness Industry?

·         Workshop on Digital De-tox for teenagers, adults and parents: to make them aware about implications of excessive usage of technology, empower them to use technology appropriately and have Screen/Life balance in their life.
·         Workshop on Parenting with Emotional Intelligence

Q5. What type of challenges did you face while starting/doing business?

The challenges I faced were more internal than external. Being a pure medico, the concept of business or entrepreneurship was completely new to me. Doctors are stereotyped as having their clinic and practicing in one place whereas my concept was different. I had to resolve a lot of conflicts with my own self before starting my website. I had to get accustomed to digital marketing platforms and with the concept of marketing. I had to push myself out of my comfort zone to come up with ‘Akruti Healthcare’.

Q6. Kindly share about your discovery period when you were facing challenges in your business?

I realized I could do anything if I would start taking actions after proper planning rather than just thinking about it. I am still in the learning phase and every day I learn something new about how things work and don’t work. After all, we have to keep evolving!

Q7. Kindly share a few of your experiments you did based on your discovery to overcome those challenges?

The biggest experiment I did was converting my practice from physical to digital. Once I was sure that digital practice gives satisfaction to the patients, they can avail services from their comfortable space and at their convenient time, I thought of the concept of Digital polyclinic. I also experimented with various Digital marketing platforms and found out how they work.

Q8. What would be your future contributions to the Health & Wellness Industry that would eventually make a difference to humankind?

My special area of interest and passion is Child care where I want to make our children physically, mentally and emotionally strong so that our future is in safe hands. Apart from conventional education, children should be taught life skills which ultimately can make a difference to the humankind.

Q9. What changes do you anticipate in the Health & Wellness Industry in the next five years?

The Health and Wellness Industry is already transforming post pandemic. People are realizing the need of holistic care for being healthy in true sense. I am anticipating that the Health industry will become more inclusive than exclusive in the next five years.

Q10. What would be your advice/suggestion to new Wellness professionals who want to start and sustain in the business?

Trust yourself, don’t doubt and be persistent.

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Interviewed by : Khushboo Chotaliya - Co-Founder of Sanskari Decor from Mumbai, India.

Published by : Dr.Prachi Ambolkar - Consulting Clinical Dietitian from Navi Mumbai, India.

Both Khushboo and Dr.Prachi are students of Yogesh M.A.'s InfluencerThon - Digital Influencers Academy.

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